Friday, December 10, 2010

the daily blah characters

I decided to make a post about all the characters on the daily blah that are important.
There are approximately 8 characters in all.You will see them in feather episodes.They
will be some of the funniest episodes coming.Now to the characters i was talking about.

Bryan(a.k.a. me)
                            The main character.I usually am the responsible one   although I always end up crashing into walls or just end up getting Sam hurt.Most of the time i always start the episode but not the early episodes.Now lets move on to the second character.......

                           The average goof ball.With out Sam the show wouldn't be what it is today!Also he is the one that ruins everything.If you notice he start all the trouble and breaks,kills,and even blows up everything also he throws we move on again...

The death spike
                                Yes the death spike.You may remember him from the day Sam killed Andres.You will also see it again in further episodes in the background or killing someone again.Now its the one the only the robot without a loose bolt in over 30 seconds its.......

                             The most magnetic,fry cutter you will ever see.You will see that B-bot will come close to your heart.He will also make the best fries you have ever tasted(people who never tasted fries just go with it...).B-bot was my very first characters  to be time for an EPIC back story!!!!!One day at school me and my friend James wanted to make our very own characters.I made about 34 and James made about 27.Any moving on...

Good Sam
                               I think the "good" in good Sam kind of explains it all.Good Sam is less annoying than Sam and loves fries.Good Sam gets better grades,better food,and is skinnier than Bad Sam.If you just saw them you could easily tell who is who.


                                  The short one.he is way more annoying than Sam and Alex combined.(And Alex is pretty annoying).He gets his pet banana ran over in another episode. You will soon see Joseph will be one of those people you just want to leave forever.

                              Alex loves his x-box.He is also really annoying but not as annoying as sam.he is super tall for his age he is about 5 ft. 6in. he is only 12.There is an episode were he goes to the with a deer.Its awesome!!!!!!!!!

The dear (no not deer)

                               Yup,you guessed it the deer is the last main character.She knows how to dance and loves grassy fields.She lets Alex ride her but she hates when ever somebody she doesn't know rides her.
    Sadly that was the last character of the night.I hope you liked the episodes and there will be many more coming so now there is only one thing to say...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the daily blah:Death spike!

Sam:Ha Ha! im going to scare andres.




Sam:ANDRES!!!!!!!!!!! :throws potato:

Bryan:what was that noise?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the daily blah:he didnt get it

i saw line 4 on family guy and it had to be in here.

sam:can i borrow $20?

Bryan:for what?
sam:$20 can get me 20 coconuts!

Bryan:than why dont you ask my butt because its the only one that gives a crap!

Bryan:he didnt get it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The daily blah:Ahhh a ghost

Sam:finally,it's finished!
Sam:This is awesome!
Sam:I know!I'll show Bryan!

Sam:Hey Bryan look at my g...
Bryan:Ahhhhh! a ghost!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

the daily blah:cookie in a box

One day sam was talking about cookies and i was drawing a box and this daily blah came to life

the daily blah:Say what!?!

sam:thanks for the tickets to the zoo.
me:no problem.
me:lets go see the monkeys!
sam: ......
me: ......

the daily blah:would that even work?

True story: One day in class my teacher mr.ward was explaining some math rules.He said "what you do to one side of the sign you have to do to the other".everyone keeps saying stuff like "do you have to do that if blah blah blah?".then mr ward said this...

mr.ward:i'll be up here with a wig and a cane telling you the same darn thing.
Right after mr.ward said that my friend sam said...

sam:would that even work?
mr.ward just gave him that shut the **** up  look.
mr.ward: ......
Then sam whispered to me something we all were thinking...
sam:I thought his laptop was coming at me
This is the part that i made up but it goes great!!!!!

 Bryan:hey free laptop
the daily blah(R)2010 BRYAN MARTINEZ INC.