Saturday, November 27, 2010

the daily blah:would that even work?

True story: One day in class my teacher mr.ward was explaining some math rules.He said "what you do to one side of the sign you have to do to the other".everyone keeps saying stuff like "do you have to do that if blah blah blah?".then mr ward said this...

mr.ward:i'll be up here with a wig and a cane telling you the same darn thing.
Right after mr.ward said that my friend sam said...

sam:would that even work?
mr.ward just gave him that shut the **** up  look.
mr.ward: ......
Then sam whispered to me something we all were thinking...
sam:I thought his laptop was coming at me
This is the part that i made up but it goes great!!!!!

 Bryan:hey free laptop
the daily blah(R)2010 BRYAN MARTINEZ INC.

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